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Jaton Ribes S.L. is the leader distributor for PVC coated fabrics in Spain. We have an agreement for exclusive distribution in Spain with Italian company La Plastiveneta, a very well known producer of PVC coated fabrics. We also distribute other products (like eyelets, welding machines, PVC clear film etc.) for the tarpaulin industry. As a service to our spanish clients we started to do some manufacturing for those clients that could not afford to buy expensive machinery (like HF welding), or didn't have enough staff or space so they had to reject some works.

This manufacturing service (always directed to professionals, never to final clients) was very successful, and soon we started to do some export to neightbour countries. Today we do manufacturing of big tents, canopies, gazebos, geodesic domes and tensile structures for foreign clients all around Europe and export market is about 40% of our sales.

We can offer competitive prices not only because we are distributors but also because of a well structured workshop with the newest machinery where all materials are cut by plotter and each welding is made with high frequency.

We also offer CAD design for special tents & structures.
Jaton Ribes S.L. P.I. Vilanoveta
C/Carreters 8
08810 Sant Pere de Ribes
Spain tel.: +34 93 814 14 61
fax.: +34 93 814 15 51
Post to P.O. Box 210
08870 Sitges
Spain [email protected]
Note : Because we are just selling manufactured products (tents, canopies, tensile structures, etc) to foreign customers, the web in english doesn't include as many feautures as the spanish version, where we distribute more products